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Well hello there lovely! This is the guide section, which shows you all sorts of useful and fun information you should read at one point or another. Click the links to the left of this box to read a variety of topics about RB! If you still have any questions feel free to message one of our staff members or try to catch one of us in the C-box. Thanks for joinin' us! We're happy to have you here. Below is a general summary of Ravensbruck's plot and concepts.

Wolves of all kinds, tired with the clashes in other lands, flocked to a central place. They began to call it Ravensbrück and slowly formed packs, taking small tracts of land and promising to stay together as one nation as long as the country would survive. But as time wore on, the packs grew restless with their freedom and began enslaving their own for personal benefit. New ranks in this wolf society have formed -- The Dominor, or master wolf; the Freior, or free-roaming wolf; and the Sklavin, or the slave wolf. Will you join and be lost in the madness that slavery presents in this world? Or offer a new beginning for previously owned souls?

We are a semi-realistic, intermediate to advanced Wolf RP with a minimum of 300 words. You can choose to be involved in slavery, against it, or avoid it entirely. Packs, small groups, and individuals are all viable character paths. We currently have Alpha positions avaliable!

1. 300 word minimum for IC posts. No exceptions. We feel word minimums help increase the quality of posts overall, as well as help promote detailed events and character development. There is currently a rudimentary word counter and limiter installed in the forum to help with this, but it's not completely accurate.

2. One profile per CHARACTER. You'll have a main account and separate character accounts. Fill out the information accordingly. More details can be found HERE

3. No offensive/vulgar display names/profile pictures. As much as Ruki would love it if someone waltzed in calling themselves "dickmuncher420" with a huge schlong as their icon, we'd prefer not to have those names floating around. Also try to keep numbers out of them, and repeats of the same name, just for our sanity. Everything else is cool though.

4. No excessive swearing. Don't go around waving huge f-bombs at people, 'cause that's how wars start. As long as you're not using it like some 12 year old who just discovered swearing, and not racially/sexually derogatory, we're ok with it. Sailors welcome. Don't abuse it though. Please.

5. Don't impersonate people in the C-box. Also while we're at it, no advertising, and don't start trouble. It's just an RP site, please, be nice to each other. Don't make me come in there to straighten you out boy.

6. Mark mature threads. We don't want to cut the site off just on age alone, so yeah. If your topic has Mature themes, like going beyond mentioning rape, includes gratutious violence, ect please make the thread with an [M] in the title and begin the thread by explaining what content is M rated. If the other person RPing is uncomfortable with topics, be understanding and change course or RP'ers. Overly detailed sex scenes aren't allowed by the proboards TOS, so if you wanna do that you gotta do it privately.

7. Be a decent human bean. Use that home trainin' of yours. Don't start fights, don't be stupid, don't DDoS servers, y'know, mean stuff. 'Cause we wanna love you here. Don't make it hard for us.

1. Appearances. RB is a semi-realistic wolf site, so keep the colors and designs fairly realistic. We're pretty leanient on most characteristics as long as they're not too out there. This means no pink eyed, winged, magestic wolf-penguin hybrids. Sorry. More info can be found in the Accepted Species topic. If you really want an unusual marking or coloration, check the shop for extra info!

2. Names. Please be creative with the naming of your character. You may choose names from every corner of the world, each with meanings that can easily suit or even reveal something about your character. We also heavily advise against generic names such as 'Silver' or 'Shadow', 'warriors' cat themed names, you get the drift. There will also be no use of common videogame names or mascots. There are plenty of unique names that you can choose from. If you are having trouble thinking of a name, there are hundreds of 'name' generator sites on the internet. Or just smash your hand into the keyboard. Really. It works sometimes.

3. Breeds. You can find a list of all the accepted breeds of wolves in the creation board, or Accepted Breeds topic. Occasionally, you can even buy the more rare breeds via the coin exchange. Please note, however, that these are often limited in number, and tend to be expensive. So please double-check the shop and ask a staff member if you have questions.

4. Age. You cannot make a character under a year old unless you have adopted one of the litters that are periodically available.

5. Character Count. You can have as many characters as you think you can handle. Please don't make like 20 of them though.

6. Aging. Each season lasts 2 Months in Real Time. This means each year is 8 months. Please keep track of your character's age.

Here on RB we use a multiple profile system. Each person gets one Main/Member Profile account with the username you'd like to be called as. All of your characters are on their own IC/Character Profile account which should be linked to your Main Account. For more details on how to link accounts click HERE! The rest of this should be about filling out the profile sections in the mini profile. Most of this is self-explanatory, so if you've delt with mini-profiles before or have RP'd on Proboards before you can probably skip this, except for the user group thing.

Remember to make your character account name in ALL CAPS! Your Member Account can be whatever you want.
Also All character applications should be posted from your Main/OOC account. It makes it easier to figure out who is who. c:


Please make sure to choose a User Group from the main screen in your profile. For members it should be just "member", and for characters choose the rank you are actually a part of. Ex. If you are a Sklavin pretending to be a Freior, you should still pick Sklavin, and have that displayed as your member group, but you can play off your character as if it were a Freior. If your character changes in rank, like they become a Dominor or are freed by another Dominor then you should leave the previous group and choose the group that your character is now part of and pick that one as your display group. This is just to help keep track of the actual character types we have here to attempt to keep a balance.


0. Proboards Avatar. This is in the 'avatar' tab and is the one found in your mini-profile after you hover over it. The DEMENSIONS are 125x125. DO NOT UPLOAD TO PROBOARDS. Instead use a third party such as tinypic or imgur to upload your picture and link it through url. This prevents any awkward resizing issues that proboards has for some reason.

1. Hover Image. The hover image is the first image you see on your mini profile. It's pretty self explanatory, but you hover over it to see the rest of your mini-profile. The DEMENSIONS are 250x350. Paste the URL to the correctly sized image into the text field. I suggest uploading the image to a site with a small url like tinypic or imgur to make life easier for you.

2. Application. Link the URL of the character's application here.

3. Plotter. Link the URL of the character's plot thread here. It's reccomended you have one so that you can start plots and RPs with other members, but you don't have to if you don't want. c: Optionally you could link this to a wants thread or something too.

4. Tracker Link the URL of the character's tracker here. Trackers should have things like your characters basic information like age and pack. It's also useful to have threads you've been in here. c: Adoxography or Gangnam-Style are two sites which have numerous PB frendly templates if you choose to use one! They're awesome. c:

5. Authored By. Pretty obvs. Your OOC name you go by! Having it written in normal letters is preferable. c:

6. Author URL Link the URL of your OOC profile! Should be something like /user/numberhere.

7. Quotation Color Your character's hex code! Remove the '#' in the code before hitting confirm.

8. Pack. This is a drop-down menu of which pack your character is in. If your character is not in a pack, choose Unbound.

9. Relationship Status. Information regarding the 'avaliability' of your character goes here. Things like "Single, Dating, Mated/Bound, Complicated" ect. go here. Keep it to one word.

10. Sexuality. This is your characters gender/romantic preference. I was going to have it set to a drop-down, and may still do that, but for the sake of there being way too many I decided to let yall decide what to type. PLEASE though. PLEASE don't get too carried away with the specifics. Keep it to the TERRIBLE generics of: Heterosexual, Homosexual, Bisexual, Asexual ect. It's not for your characters physical preferences such as "BLONDS, MOHAWKS." But if you feel like joking around with it, by all means go ahead. Just keep it non-offensive and to one word, or 12 characters, couting spaces. More specific detail can be done in the character's journal page.

11. Sex. Drop-down menu of your characters sex. Keep this to the BIOLOGICAL sex, not what your character identifies as. If you want a disclaimer/clarification, please put it in the signature or your character profile/journal. This is just to keep things clear for everyone. I'm really tempted to put a choice that says uniballer, because that just makes me laugh in a completely immature way.

Ravensbrück is a slavery rpg. There are three main positions your wolf can be listed as. They follow below, along with a small description of what each is and pertains to. The first name is the English word for the rank--the second is the word used by the wolves on Ravensbrück. You can, however, use either form of the word.

1. Master - Dominor. If you're a dominor, you can either roam or claim a land. When you roam you are not allowed to claim slaves for yourself, but you can terrorize other packs and cause general chaos and ruckus. As a "roaming" dominor you are not called an Alpha; you don't have a pack to own that title. If you own a land, you will be both an Alpha and a dominor; in other words, a "leading" dominor. You can gather as many slaves as you want and keep them in your pack, challenge other Alphas for their slaves, or roam the lands to encourage other wolves to join you. You can promote slaves to freedom when you acquire them, or keep them as slaves--as slaves they will not be able to leave the territory, but as free-roamers, they will. You have complete control over your slaves; just make sure there isn't any power playing. Dominors can join a pack and not be an Alpha. In this case, they would be a "settled" dominor. You are settled into a pack and don't roam without a home or lead a pack.

2. Free-Roamer - Freior. Free-roamers don't just roam. They are wolves who don't own slaves, yet they aren't a slave either. You CAN be a free-roamer and own land, you just cannot own slaves. Free-roamers, like the other ranks, can be male or female. They can be taken into slavery by a dominor if they are caught on Auktion Rock grounds, so be careful. If this occurs, you will need to fight for your freedom; you'll have a higher percentage of getting away than a slave, but a fighting post will, regardless, need to happen. Freiors choose where they live and reside, and can leave their pack at anytime; they are in full control of themselves. This tends to make them more rebellious and more of a threat to dominors.

3. Slave - Sklavin. As a slave, your character's first post will be in the Auktion Rock. There they will be claimed by a dominor, and they will go back with that wolf to their pack. Your character can try to run away or revolt, although success is little to none. Do whatever suits your character. The dominor owns the slave's life and can do whatever they please to them; be it beating, ordering and just regular bossing around, or possibly breeding. The slave's dominor decides what happens to their slave's pups/offspring which includes killing them, selling them off, keep them as slaves, or promoting them to freedom. Your wolf can become free if their master decides to free them.

You can have your pack set up how ever you would like, however there are a few things that are typically found within a pack structure. There should be a leader, typically a dominor, and an organized pyramid down from there with sklavin occupying the bottom. Here are the basics. Feel free to change the names or add new positions in your pack.

1. Alpha. Everything thing the Alpha says goes. They are in complete control over what happens in the pack's hierarchy and determine the fate of everyone in their reign. The Alpha can have an Alpha Female as a mate, or in other cases, the Alpha Female takes control of the pack.

2. Beta. The Beta is a type of Adviser the the Alpha; he/she keeps the peace and usually backs up the Alpha fully. A Beta is allowed a mate, called a Beta Female (or vice versa depending on gender).

3. Pack Members. All other packs members are in some sort of loose hierarchy which is determined by the pack's leading dominor. The pack members create the pack's true identity, based on how they get along, how well they work together, and how they overcome adversity together.

4. Pups. Pups are the youngest in the group, but they are not always ranked lowest. According to their parents, the pups get their rank. Obviously the Alpha's pups would rank high; almost in line with the Betas, while the regular pack member's would only be higher than the Omega. However, the Alpha always has authority over ranks.

5. Omega. The lowest of the low, the Omegas are usually the weakest wolf in the group and are demoted to this position. They do, however, play a significant part in keeping the peace and lessening tensions between the wolves in the pack. They usually are the scapegoat for all the trouble in the group.


There are two types of "pack areas" here on RB. Lands are the major large groups which hold most of the power and are the most stable/secure.

1. Ownership. Lands can be owned by either Dominors or Freiors, however only Dominors can claim slaves so keep this in mind. Freiors can attempt to keep slaves, but technically this is frowned upon by the Dominors so relations may be strained if the Freior's secret gets out.

2. Residents. Lands can have as many wolves as they want. There is no population limit set, but try not to claim every slave that pops up, just to give the other members a chance to grow their pack as well. You can set the rules for who can join and who cannot, so if you wanted to make an all male pack with one sexy dominatrix as their leader, feel free to do so. ;D

3. Hierarchy. Alphas can set up the hierarchy of their pack however they wish, however there has to be at least one technical leader or designated champion to fight land challenges. A land can decide to keep slaves or not, but technically only Dominors can give a slave freedom, unless fought for, but it can be an easy secret to keep depending on the character.

4. Challenges. Lands can be challenged once every month, real time. This is a formal challenge so a post must be made on the land you wish to claim with the word [Challenge] somewhere in the title. If there is no response within one week, the land is considered forfeit and the challenger the winner by default. A place holder thread does not count as a response, so keep that in mind. Any Sklavins within the lands upon claiming will be transferred to the new Alpha. Freiors and other Dominors, however, are allowed to leave unless their freedom is challenged by the new Alpha. Read more on the rules of challenges within the Fighting section.

5. Alpha Activity. Since Lands are limited and Alphas vital to plot progression and creation a Land owner must post AT LEAST ONCE EVERY TWO (ish) WEEKS. If the Alpha of the land has not posted in 2 weeks (without having previously posted on the absence board, or some other arrangement ie telling X to be in charge while Alpha goes somewhere or low activity overall) the land is forfeit and open for claiming. The wolves on that Land have a few options.
1. Betas are default the next to take command if there are any. Any member can challenge the Beta for control of the pack if he/she so chooses. If the Beta does not wish to lead and no other member wishes to lead, or no choice has been made in 5 days, then the pack is disbanded and the lands left open.

2. Any sklavins on the land have three options. They can either be captured by roving slavers and returned to the auktion rock, or consider themselves run-aways and pretend to be free. They still are not truly freiors however and must have a dominor give them their freedom. These options only become available if no Alpha comes within 5 days to claim the land. The last option is for them to remain on the land and act as part of it to be claimed when a new Alpha comes in. This is the default option.

Territories are the other kind of pack area within Ravensbruck. They are much smaller than Lands, less stable, and are prone to all sorts of shifts.

1. Ownership. Same rules as the Lands. Dominors and Freiors only.

2. Residents. Territories, since they are much smaller than Lands, have limited resources and can only support a small amount of wolves at any given time. The maximum number of characters allowed to live within a Territory is 3, not counting pups under one year. So if a dominor claims a territory, he/she can only have two sklavins. Expansions can be bought within the shop, but do not carry over to the next owner unless willingly passed on through generational change as opposed to challenge.

3. Hierarchy. Much less complicated than Lands, seeing as how few wolves live within. There has to be one Alpha or Champion to accept challenges, but other than that, there's pretty much nothing else.

4. Challenges. Since Territories are much harder to defend than Lands, challenges may be issued every 2 weeks. All the other rules, however, are the same as those for Lands.

5. Random Interaction Events. There may be events during which Territories have the option to work together to accomplish a single goal that individually they could not do alone. Examples of this would be a huge stag wandering in between two territory boundaries. One pack on its own couldn't take down such a large animal, so they have the option of working together to share the reward. This is still being worked out, so tell us your opinions and ideas for these events!

6. Alpha Activity. This rule is basically the same for Lands, but there are some differences. Instead of activity being mandatory every 2ish weeks, it's every 10ish days instead. This balances out fairly well with the challenges being able to be issued every two weeks. Succession is a bit different in this case, as the Territory is immediately opened for claiming after the 10 days have passed, with no default leader or wait time. The rule for sklavins is the same however.

1. Stuff. This is being revamped and finalized. If you wish to challenge the current rules are Here. They are being changed however, so before you issue a challenge please check them. Sorry for any confusion and stuff.

These are the species and subspecies of wolves and canids we accept here on RB. We're pretty lenient on coat coloration and build, but try to keep things similar to the species characteristics unless hybridizing. Max and minimum heights are pretty set in stone, so try not to push it too much.


HEIGHT: 24-31 in.
BUILD: Shorter than some, this wolf is compact for keeping warm in the cold snows and can live in some of the harshest weather. Long thick fur and small rounded ears.
COAT: Only white, with no extra markings.
HEIGHT: 20-26 in.
BUILD: Thin and angular, with long legs and an agile frame. Very pointed, narrow snout, and triangular ears.
COAT: Reddish coat with a white throat, chest and underparts. Thick bushy black tail with a white base and occasionally a white tip. Its fur is short and smooth.
HEIGHT: 26-32 in.
BUILD: Built for stamina with long legs and thick bodies. They are strongly compacted and have long striding gaits.
COAT: Anywhere from grey, black, brown, white and all in between. Can be solid or have a number of standard marking variants, from saddles to masks. Medium to long coats.
HEIGHT: 26-36 in.
BUILD: Heavy and thick, this breed is hardy and covered in a fluffy coat to keep out the cold. They have long legs, used for scaling high mountain peaks.
COAT: This coat consists of light tan and beige colors, occasionally adding a tint of grey or black.
HEIGHT: 26-30 in.
BUILD: Short and compact for light hunting, they do best in drier, hot ares. Light builds, they are fast yet productive.
COAT: Short dense coat that is ruddy, tawny, or buff in color.
HEIGHT: 33-40 in.
BUILD: Often described as a wolf on stilts, or a hyena x fox cross, it has long spindly legs, thin muzzle, larger ears, and short tail. It's not really a wolf, but is standard enough for us to include it here on RB.
COAT: Short fur with a distinct "mane" on the back of its neck. Usually has a red base coat with black extremities; possibly white.
HEIGHT: 25-32 in.
BUILD: Long legs and a sleek body enable it to be very fast. Thick size, but overall a well-rounded animal.
COAT: Medium fur found in shades of tan to grey, with a darker blanket on its back. Often the blanket is flecked with white or another light color. It can have blond to reddish accent colors, making it one of the more distinct wolf species.
HEIGHT: 26-28 in.
BUILD: Small, slender and wiry. Built for more speed than stamina.
COAT: Grey-black with a red tint that gives it's name. Can also be ruddy or reddish brown in color.


1. ARABIAN WOLF. - 450
HEIGHT: 22-29 in.
BUILD: Smallest wolf sub-species, compact and lean, large ears.
COAT: Most have dark brown eyes, with short grey-beige fur.
2. IBERIAN WOLF. - 450
HEIGHT: 27-32 in.
BUILD: Slighter frame than most wolves, with relatively thick fur, built for the skillful and dangerous task of hunting boars.
COAT: Darker than most wolves, dark brown or black back with redish browns and creams under. Sides of muzzle are always white, with black line marks running down the front of its forelimbs.
3. ITALIAN WOLF. - 450
HEIGHT: 26-30 in.
BUILD: Jackal like skull with short to medium fur. It has a narrow snout and a slim body.
COAT: A greyish brown color that reddens during the warmer months. The belly and cheeks are more lightly coloured and dark bands are present on the back, tail tip and occasionally along the forelimbs. Solid colors are rare and almost never found.
4. STEPPE WOLF. - 450
HEIGHT: 24-30 in.
BUILD: Average build with a wide range of hair lengths depending on general area. It is built very similar to the Grey wolf, except slightly smaller.
COAT: Usually come in desert colors ranging from vibrant tans to orange-browns. The flanks are light grey, and the back is rusty grey or brownish with a strong mixture of black hairs.
5. TIBETAN WOLF. - 450
HEIGHT: 25-29 in.
BUILD: Small compact bodies that make them very nimble, with shorter legs than what most wolves have.
COAT: Tends to be a blend of white, yellow, grey, brown and black. One of the few species that commonly exhibits a blond or yellow coloration for its main coat color. Its throat, chest, belly and inside of the legs are pure white.
HEIGHT: 28-38 in.
BUILD: -It is one of the largest sub-species of Grey wolf, but built bulkier and larger than its cousin. It is built very simliar to the Himalayan wolf.
COAT: Most have coats that are a combination of grey, black, rust, and silver grey. They are known to have long thick coats with dense underfur. Can commonly be pure white or another solid color.
HEIGHT: 36-42 in.
BUILD: Strong and heavy, built for more raw power than speed.
COAT: A blend of gray, black, brown, buff, or red, with medium to long fur.


1. AFRICAN WILD DOG - 800, 100 posts
HEIGHT: 30-35 in.
BUILD: Medium with long legs, and large, bat-like ears. Built for speed and stamina, not strength. Has short coarse fur.
COAT: Mottled patchy mix of black, brown, red, yellow, and white. Tail is always tipped by white.
2. DHOLE. - 800
HEIGHT: 17-22 in.
BUILD: Very dog like, has been described as being a grey wolf x red fox cross. Broad muzzle, short legs.
COAT: Colored much like a red fox, with white or black tipped paws and muzzle, white belly, and golden to rust-red pelt.
HEIGHT: Varies
BUILD: Varies
COAT: Varies
4. DOG - 1000
HEIGHT: Varies
BUILD: Varies
COAT: Varies


1. Nothing Graphic. This is because it violates proboards TOS. If you want to PM it, by all means go ahead, but only if both parties are completely ok with it. It's ok if you're not. <3 c: You can reference it heavily in your posts, and things like rape are allowed, but be sure to mark your thread with an [M] if doing so, just out of politeness and decency.

2.Open Season. As of 3/11 there are no seasonal requirements for when a female can go into heat and be pregnant. We do ask that you limit it to once per on site year, however.

3.Sexual Maturity. Wolves on RB reach sexual maturity at around 2 years. The peak range for healthy litters is between 3 to 7, but it's just a guide essentially. Secret. Lifespan is technically undecided here, but is prolly around 13-15 years.


1. Pregnancy. When a she-wolf is pregnant by a male, the female must wait a week, aka seven days, before having her pups. In that time there must be at least one post in which she mentions and/or notifies the others (if she so chooses) of her pregnancy. Once she is ready to birth the pups, she can make her own, solitary post or join another in which she births them. As with the breeding policy, it shouldn't be too graphic.

2. Pups. Once the pups are born, the mother and father may choose a pup to play; the rest, if there are any, will be put up for adoption and the other players on this site can then ask to play a pup. The players of the parents may then decide among themselves whether to hold auditions, or award pups to each player on a first-come, first-served basis. If you really want, and there are no other players to control the pups, you may ask the staff if you can make the pups NPCs. Remember, you have to ask the staff and we have to ok it.

1. LIST. LAZY CLICK HERE I'll fix this later. :I

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